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Exhibiting at the Percolator
The Lawrence Percolator is the project space of the Lawrence Corporation for the Advancement of the Visual Arts. LCAVA is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing new art and cultural events to audiences in Lawrence and Douglas County Kansas.

The Percolator is a community-based exhibition and performance space accessible to all members of the community. We encourage applications from anyone and everyone. We will consider all submittals, but we cannot make any promises to show your work or host your exhibition.

If your proposal is accepted, we will provide the space, email announcements, and will staff the gallery on weekends 12-6pm. We may assist the artist with installation/de-installation; however, it is the artist’s responsibility to make a timely and well organized schedule to accommodate the Percolator’s schedule. We will work with you to ensure that expectations are met on both sides. The Percolator is volunteer-run and has no funding sources (yet). A contribution of 20% of sales resulting from your show at the Percolator is expected. It is the artist’s responsibility to insure their work against possible damage or theft. The Percolator, LCAVA, and its board members will not be held liable for any damage or loss.

The Percolator is located in the alley north of the Lawrence Arts Center (south of East Ninth Street, between New Hampshire and Rhode Island). Look for the green awnings.

Percolator Project Proposal

A panel made up of the Percolator Exhibitions Committee will consider and rate proposals. Exhibition opportunities will then be assigned based on these ratings, consideration of overall Percolator activity, and a fair distribution of opportunities to as many qualified artists as possible.

Review Criteria
- Uniqueness of project/proposal
- Feasibility based on project description and demonstrated ability
- Professionalism and artistic merit of proposal
- Artistic merit of past projects/work
- The Percolator encourages projects that are collaborative and involve more than one artist
- Scheduling flexibility
- Possible outreach/education opportunities
- Demand on Percolator resources (we have no operating budget per se)
- Work that has not previously been shown in or performed in Lawrence is encouraged

Proposal Format
Organize your proposal any way you wish, but please keep it concise and to the point. Include the following information when preparing your proposal.

Contact Person
Phone number
e-mail address

Please include a concise ONE PAGE summary of the project (what, who, how, when, where, etc.) along with your supporting materials. Also, explain why this exhibition needs to happen at the Percolator and what the potential benefits of this exhibition would be to the Citizens of Lawrence, the Percolator, and/or you as an artist or organization. In addition to the summary, please include the following information on the Project Description page:
  • Exhibitions generally rotate every 4-6 weeks. Indicate desired dates/months for exhibition.
  • Estimated number of works, sizes, and media included in your project.
The Percolator has approximately 550 square feet (roughly 20’x30’) of exhibition space with eight foot high ceilings. Currently, lighting is a combination of fluorescent fixtures with supplemental incandescent clamp lights. Perimeter walls are painted concrete block load-bearing masonry.

3. SUPPORTING MATERIALS (only one copy)
- Artist(s) Resume(s), artist statements, bios
- Needs/Requests for Percolator assistance
- What do you need and/or what would you like in terms of support?
- Representative images or a CD with JPEG images. Include a written description of works, indicating title, year, medium, etc. Do not submit original slides or artwork. We will give reasonable care to your materials; however, we will not be responsible for damages.
- Any other relevant supporting material that you would like to share with the exhibition committee
Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your proposal if you want your materials to be returned to you after the review. Please note that at times we will retain your proposal materials for an extended period of time until our selection process is finished.

Mail proposals to:
740 Rhode Island #1
Lawrence KS 66044

OR hand deliver proposal to the Percolator during operating hours:
Weekends: 12-6pm

OR email us at  lawrencepercolator(at)