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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Operation Muse: Call for Assignments!

Dearest Every Member of the Lawrence Community,

We'd like to invite you to share the Muse. This is Phase I of Operation Muse; a project to be curated by visual artist Jenny Cook & poet Peter Wright. Here's how it goes, we're calling on You:

Create an assignment designed to encourage a random recipient artist to engage the voice of coincidence, break from old habits & explore a new perspective. Participants can create assignments that they might be excited to do themselves, that they couldn't imagine doing themselves or that they'd playfully or seriously enjoy knowing another will be engaging. Assignments should be loose enough to apply to visual artists, musicians, actors, dancers, poets etc. Assignments are welcome whether one intends to respond to an assignment or not. Jenny and Peter may tweak assignments for clarity's sake but promise to preserve general intentions.

Stage II of Operation Muse will entail a potluck at the Percolator on October 11th during which assignments will be pulled from a hat and disseminated randomly to any artists desiring one. After this event artists may chose an assignment any time during gallery hours or request one via email. This project is about the synergy of connecting with someone else's ideas and the potency of chance. Who will make an offering to this collaborative mosaic?

Please submit assignments via email to Jenny:, &/or Peter: with the subject line 'Assignment'. Or, if you wish, you may submit a hard copy in an envelope titled 'Assignment' by sliding it through the Percolator mail slot to the the right of the door. The Percolator is located in the alley behind 913 Rhode Island. Deadline for assignments is Friday, September 28th.

Example assignments:

#1. Go to the library. Look at the last three numbers on a car license plate before going in and head to that part of the dewey decimal system. Check something out from that section. Create something based on what you find.

#2. Go for a walk outside, casting your gaze downward. When you see a likely looking rock, stop. If you can pick the rock up, move it to a place of your choosing, however near or far that might be. Next, look around, and move the nearby rocks (and maybe even sticks) to make an arrangement that pleases you. When you are satisfied with your work, take a moment to enjoy looking at it, then thank the rock and resume your normal life. Bring the results of your next creative action to the Operation Muse show.

#3. Watch the sun rise and set in the same day. What do you notice about the experience of doing nothing else but observing this coming & going, about reserving this time to do only this. Create a piece that sings of your adventure.

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