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Friday, July 13, 2012

Pass the Hat show on the 24th!

Pass-the-Hat Series: CJ Boyd, Aaron Martin and Lazy White Americans

Tuesday July 24th Food at 5pm, Music at 7. POTLUCK!!! Bring food and hang with folks! We'll try to provide a main course and some water/beer for donations.

CJ Boyd - rad bass player on tour all the time...

E qual parts ambient and virtuosic, melancholic and playful, CJ Boyd's bass playing melts glaciers, creating a sea of low, flowing rhythms, while also supplying melodies that soar over the ocean to melt the sun itself. Waves of bass loops are garnished with harmonica drones and constant improvisational exploration. This is deep-sea-diving for the hungry and alone. While certainly following in the footstep of great bassists like Mingus and Meyer, Boyd's aesthetic sensibility also seeks to wed the minimalism of Reich and Glass with what might be called the maximalism of Beethoven chamber music. But all this is further complicated by the presence of Boyd's improvisational prowess. Not funky, not a bassplayer's bassplayer exactly, but something refreshing and impressive-improvising with fingers that only know how to dance to the deepest tunes. One thinks Nietzsche might have had CJ in mind when he said, "Maturity consists in regaining the seriousness one had as a child at play." This is childsplay for the experienced listener.

Aaron Martin - cellist/experimentalist from Topeka - love his atmospheric sounds! From his myspace page (old?) he cites his influences: tree branches, water, and broken glass. Outstanding!

And finally a new duo of Juan and Max called Lazy White Americans. Juan has a solo project called Salvador Francisco. Max is in Dean Monkey and the Dropouts.

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