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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Call for artists: JOIN THE CARAVAN!

Attention all
  Artists      Puppeteers    Performers  Magicians    Actors   Musicians   
Soul shakers & general Gleemakers The Caravan is taking art on the road! Hosting magical art workshops, community activities,
and astonishing performances in a town near you. We are seeking six lead artist/educators who will receive $250 plus materials. For lead artist application and more information: or contact  Application due July 4. Made possible with support from the Douglas County Community Foundation.

The Douglas County Caravan takes the Lawrence Percolator Art Space on the road. This group of artists will travel to Baldwin and Eudora in October 2012, spreading paint, laughter, glee and inspiration. Relying on a synergy between artists and audience, the traveling troupe will create a space where art can be explored and celebrated.

Six lead artists will be chosen by a panel of Percolator board members and members of the arts communities in Baldwin and Eudora. Selected artists will be expected to commit to the planning and development of Caravan activities, and will be the facilitators for all Caravan events in Baldwin and Eudora.  These lead artists will receive a stipend of $250 as well as reimbursements for materials and fuel.  Additional volunteer artists and educators will be welcomed warmly.

Performance, entertainment and workshops will be considered for the Caravan. We are looking for activities that will engage the audience, encourage artistic expression, and create a magical, whimsical experience for all involved. The troupe of artists will be working as an ensemble; as such we are looking for individuals who enjoy collaborating on artistic projects.  Some of the ideas we have been percolating on:  a photo booth, rubberstamp making, cardboard creation, theatre improv and performance, a music workshop, band performances, scarf making, a bicycle repair/creation station, a mosaic workshop, a painting workshop, a clothing swap (or costume creation), junk art, poetry readings, balloon sculpture, stilts, a mobile art gallery in the back of a truck, or on the front of a bike.  But really, the sky's the limit!  Tell us what you're into….

Please  submit a document telling us more about yourself.  This can be in the form of a resume, a hand-written note, a typed paper, photographs-whatever makes you shine.

Here are some guidelines to use
What would you like to contribute to the Caravan? 
What do you hope to accomplish by offering this activity/workshop/theater?
Do you have experience working as a part of a group or ensemble?
Do you have experience working with diverse groups, children, adults, etc.?
What materials would you need and what is a rough estimate of their cost?

Application materials (including photographs) can be emailed to or dropped in the Percolator's mail slot by July 4. We are the yellow building with the green awning in the alley behind the Lawrence Arts Center (between 9th and 10th St.)

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