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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Paper Glider Fly-In

Paper Glider Fly-In
Call for Entries

Entries must be received by Saturday, April 17th, 2010

Description of the Fly-In
As a part of "Out of Thin Air", April 10 - May 3, the Lawrence Percolator will be hosting the first ever Lawrence Paper Glider Fly-In on Sunday, April 18, 2010 across the alley in the Lawrence Arts Center lobby. Glider makers young and old are encouraged to submit one, or more, handmade paper gliders to be flown by Percolator Accredited Pilots and then exhibited in the Percolator art space.

This non-competitive exposition will record flights in categories such as: Distance flown, Time aloft, Surprise, Spectacular crash, Launching technique, Weirdness, Elegance , and Helicopter.

All flights will be documented and results posted on out website. After the Fly-In, all gliders will be exhibited at the Percolator for the remaining run of "Out of Thin Air."

Guidelines for gliders
1. Send completed paper gliders so that they need little or no assembly. Please include any instructions for optimal flying.
2. Original designs are encouraged (be inspired by books and websites, but please do not use any pre-made templates)
3. Decorate your glider any way you wish, but keep in mind that decorations may change the way your glider flies.

Gliders will not be returned, but can be picked up in person at the Percolator after May 2, 2010. Any gliders not picked up by May 30, 2010 become the property of the Lawrence Percolator.

Mailing / Drop-Off Instructions
gliders must be received by Saturday, April 17th

Mail your completed glider(s) to :
The Lawrence Percolator Fly-In
c/o Christina Hoxie
906 Ward
Lawrence, KS 66044


Drop-off gliders at the Percolator during regular our
hours, 12 - 6 Saturdays and Sundays.

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