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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Amy Lenharth's Relics

Amy Lenharth Relics
Saturday December 19 5pm
the show continues Saturdays and Sundays
noon - 6pm through January 24

Themes of life and death permeate my work as they have my life in recent years. Death has caused me to reflect on the multi-faceted aspects of close relationships, both the positive and negative memories. The objects I create become containers for these memories.. I take many of the natural objects that I find and make molds of them so that I can cast them in clay or metal. The process of casting allows me to make ‘ghosts’ of the original object which I can then alter and transform to create a new object. I combine the cast pieces with found objects that have an inherent history of their own. The assemblages play on the symbolism behind objects and their meaning in the myths of human culture as a way to explain the cycles of life and death. I am especially attracted to the contrast between nature made and human made objects. Many of my recent pieces juxtapose these symbols and even merge them, erasing the boundaries between these two states and raising questions for the viewer.

Amy is a graduate student with a concentration in ceramics at the University of Kansas.

visit her website for more information about Amy and her work.

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