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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

humbled & happy

Our Dime Bag fundraiser was a rollicking good time. A heartfelt thank you is due to the following artists:
April A. Bivens
Susan Schuette Buchanan
Diana Dunkley
Eric Farnsworth
Mary Lyn Farwell
Linda Frost
Zoe Gillaspie
Lana Grove
Chantel C. Guidry
Gary Hinman
Nancy Hubble
Lora Jost
Dave Loewenstein
Molly Murphy
Natasha Naramore
Cindy Oliver
Marty Olson
Rachael Perry
Wayne Propst
Lily Pryor
Ardys Ramberg
Julia Randolph
Sarah Randolph
Nan Renbarger
Ashley Russell
Nick Schmiedeler
Jan See
Dawn P. Tallchief
Dave Van Hee
Leslie vonHolten
CB Whalen
Renee Whaley
KT Walsh
Matt Weaver
Bonnie B. Willey
Thanks also to the Bopaphonics for entertaining the masses; Bill Allen, Tim vonHolten, & Ben Ahlvers for pancakes; Sam Leslie and his burrito bike for vegetarian happiness; and to our generous donors & participants who helped us celebrate our alley gallery endeavor.

The Percolator is closed through August so we can give our space some TLC. In the meantime, MAKE ART HAPPEN. We'll see you soon.

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