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Friday, March 6, 2009

Katie Hunt in the Percolator Alley Gallery

Beads and embroidery on vintage cotton doily

Katie's Artist's statement:

I am a senior from Memphis, Tennessee studying Textile Design, Architecture, French, and Art History at the University of Kansas.

My most recent body of work deals with the enlarged and stylized microscopic images of viruses, bacteria, algae, and fungi. The organic forms, vibrant colors, and repetition of similar shapes are the key components to my embroidered and beaded pieces. It is through the creation of these small pieces that I have begun to realize how crucial an effect these tiny organisms can have on our daily lives. In addition, there is a sense of grotesque beauty conjured up by the fact that something so attractive and fascinating has the potential to cause so much harm.

The incorporation of vintage doilies adds a familial aspect to my work that is a trend even in my pieces not related to microorganisms. I have utilized these recycled remnants of a domestic sort in hopes that they will bring about the idea of family heirlooms that are passed down through the ages. When we think of inheritance, it is most often a positive idea associated with the passing down of items that are of value to a family’s ancestry. It is rare, however that we view our physical traits as something we also fall heir to whether we would like to or not. This inheritance of disease and other illnesses is not an aspect of our family history that we enjoy conjuring up, nonetheless it is fascinating to look a little deeper into our lineage to discover how truly interconnected we are with the members of our family.

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