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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Mothers, Madonnas, And Queens

Mothers, Madonnas, And Queens:
Revisited and Revered

Mixed Media Stencils by
Katherine Dessert

January 23-February 15

Join us
Friday, January 23rd
6 - 9pm for the opening reception
with music by Bomstad and friends

I have called Lawrence home for eight years, more or less. During that time, I have participated in a number of local group art events including Red Balloon and have exhibited my work in solo shows at Wheatfield's and Z' Divine Espresso. One of my stencil prints was a part of Paper Politics in Seattle in 2005. As a result of participating in that show, several of my stencils were included in the book Graffiti Women by Nicholas Ganz.

When I came to Lawrence eight years ago, my initial efforts toward showing my work publicly were driven by a desire to share my creations via the most accessible venue available. My efforts led me to discover folks taking their art to the streets, alleys, living rooms, and front yards of our community. The Percolator has the same take-it-to-the-streets impulse that sparked inspiration in me eight years ago.

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