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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures from the Utopalypse

"Signs of the New Apocalypse or Glimmers of a D.I.Y. Utopia?" opened on Saturday to a raucous crowd of doomsday seekers and potluck enablers. As seen below, there were many nose to snout arguments concerning the fate of the world. The potential for a 'varmint rumble' eventually led to an all out evacuation of the Percolator by a costumed crusader.

Later, after the threat seemed to have passed, children enjoyed a brief tour of the "History of Planet Earth" on the Farnsworth "Flip-O-Vision."

Hostages taken to 4-1-1 scribbled their last wishes and forgivenesses on the walls, before EMU and Andy Stowers brought on "The Rattler" and Peter Wright seduced the captive audience with fresh utopalyptic poetry.

There were disappointments, especially when the bio-hazard emblazoned cake arrived. Many holdouts at the opening had high hopes for a sweet buttercream frosted carrot confection, but were horrified by the grisly meat n' potatoes nightmare that lay under the pretty facade. We had been warned.

The show continues on weekends 12- 6 through January 11th.

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