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Sunday, April 27, 2008


Much love & appreciation to Craig Comstock, Dan Kozak, Zach of Prep/Baller, Adam Mitchell, those who donated $$ into the coffee pot, those who attended, and even the smartasses who threw bottlecaps into the kitty at last night's Percolator show and benefit. The noise kept the clouds at bay. Were you feelin' it? Me, too.

The wind was blowing, the noise was loud, and Adam Mitchell strolled across the field, grabbed the mic, and without a word got to work:

These guys put it all out there.

((Check it: Charlies Goff III has added his video of the event on YouTube, and his photos and manipulations can be seen on his Flickr site.))


JOhn said...

the drums. they must've been in pain.
somewhere in my head that night the sounds I heard reminded me of Doo Rag/Bob Log mixed with a Jack O'Fire headache. need some more.

Unknown said...

more videos of the event can be seen here: